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   Nowadays, people aren`t as ecologically conscious as they should be. That`s why I want to raise the topic of the environment and exchange about 2 videos.
    The first video, which is named “The future of energy?” tells us about energy conservation. Today`s world uses too much non-renewable resources such as coal, oil and so on. Overusing them is harmful to the environment, because it pollutes air and water. Moreover, it causes temperature change. Finding a key is definitely a daunting task for experts. However, they have an idea in what way to prevent these dire consequences. We can use alternative energy sources. For instance, offshore wind farms or solar heating are great ways to minimize the practice of natural resources and avert an environmental catastrophe.
    Another video shows us the life of “Seed Communities”- villages, which are situated away from the urban then try to live in harmony with the environment. All people have eco-homes, they do not use chemical composts as well as pesticide, the main duty – is protecting the environment. Nevertheless, the main opinion of the Karen Litfin`s talking was not to make us consent everything, move to the nature and live there. She wants us to take to thought some facets of their lifestyle and use them in our everyday life.
      As for my country, I reason a lot must be done. First, we need to reuse waste like other flourishing countries. Let`s have a appearance at Sweden: they turn trash into Energy. Moreover, they buy it as of their neighborhoods. Secondly, we must fine people, who throw away garbage on the streets. I would cut one finger, but we live in a current civilization. And finally, to use renewable energy I`ve mentioned before.
     In my opinion, all countries should adopt these ways of getting power. In deduction, I want to say, if we want to leave something beautiful to our families and grandchildren, we must think now.

This blog post will tell you about the important figure , Jonathan Latterman, the individual who made some useful contributions to winning the Civil War. Actually, I want you to enjoy the fruits of his hard work.
When the Civil War had been confirmed, he thought that his knowledge came in valuable for militaries and he united the army. Soon he gained the respect and was called the health director of the whole soldiers. Upon his first task, he recognized that soldiers were pain from the penalties of this all-out war having confusion and other illnesses. His hopes were ruined. However, his assistants helped him to face these consequences and minimize their impact on soldiers. So, he made some breakthrough achievements.

He understood that success is sure after developing 3-stage process for teaching soldiers. Then he establish an ambulance force to pick up the injured and bring them to hospice. Under his command, medical workers were able to remove all wounded Union troops from the field within 24 hours, saving thousands of lives. So, he brought out the best in the war.
I`ve recently played the game "Spent" and like to cut my experience.
The determination of the game is to "survive" for 30 days with just 1000$. In this game to make ends meet was really a trial and first time I spent all my coins on 8th daytime.

Описание: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-b_EVOjcfwX8/WS2Xht75ocI/AAAAAAAAALU/h0g4RSTFY0o5WbQEksoG24gSeohEjdutwCLcB/s400/1.JPG

 Afterward  I understood I need to be more watchful about spending and started to keep track of my outgoings. The whole game I was living on a shoestring, sometimes was even stingy about myself. For example, didn`t take fitness coverage or refuse going to a doctor, when I had some problems. But about my teen-ager I wasn`t so taut: I bought him ice cream, let go to the birthday party and academy.

Описание: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1UM5gTzfEvg/WS2XwXs2JbI/AAAAAAAAALY/ZzfAyubCWFIZYXVaptbGQq_FZ3S-tlmPgCLcB/s400/3.JPG

I paid off all my bills, so I could not have enough money to go to the wedding of my best friend and a show. I ended up with 204$ being as thrifty as I might.

Описание: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IyM73IgSQj4/WS2X1X0EBsI/AAAAAAAAALg/Rpy-ZM_df_wPXF_OLfTBXSRdl9a6aRvKQCLcB/s400/2.JPG


 Education is the development of facilitating learning, or the acquirement of knowledge, abilities, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the direction of educators, but learners may also educate themselves.Education can take place in formal or informal sceneries and any experience that has a influential weight on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. The method of teaching is called pedagogy.

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Blog 7

That was a peaceful evening. There wasn’t any raincloud on the sky and just bright breeze whispered something. On the other side of the highway appeared stylish man. He had a thin figure. His face was egg-shaped. His dark-brown eyes perfectly passed to his short but wavy shady hair. At one moment the girl that rides on the bicycle bumped him. He was quit a sociable and generous person and he helped her to rise up. She rose up her eyes and looked at her helper… “She is perfect” – that was the first that came to his attention. She was a slight woman. Dark sleek hair with indigo shadow that was tidily groomed covered her shoulders.  She had amazing dimples on her cheeks when her face shined with a grin. Her unlimited eyes made him feel excited. He realized that it was love at first sight…

Blog 6

It is hard to image our lives without feelings and emotions. Our life consists of different situations, which can be both depressed and cheerful. But nowadays many peoples think that it is cool to keep a cool face or to keep everything in itself. A lot of psychologists think that keeping everything in yourself has a great influence on our health. So, why don’t you derive pleasure from smiling or even to feel some sadness just to reload and to prepare for the next day?

And when I am feeling depressed the best variant to lift up my mod is to watch my favorite singer MC Antoha. Whenever I watch or listen to him, I feel exiting and at the same time satisfaction from everything.
Here it is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDSPAPOUU0U

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