четверг, 29 июня 2017 г.

Does your current occupation is a dead end job and you hardly can make a living even if you wok overtime? It means that our  tempting offer is certainly for you!
«Wise owl» - a market leader  company that specializes in language learning and translation. We have a a job stimulating working environment. Everyone in our collective is an integral part of a close team job.
       A key factor in our success is our staff.  In other words we take on onlytopnotch employees, who are really on the ball. Some really first rate traineeare offered a fast track scheme. The job is fulfilling but in the same timedemanding.
Every member of a team is ensured to have a brilliant careerto be promoted, so to say to get a pay rise. Moreover, you do not need to throw a sickie as each month it is possible to have a day off. If to specify, there are two positions available.The first one is in the Customer service. The main requirements are: to be a gift of the gap, be ready to show visitors around, run errands. By the way, it is nine to five job. The second one is in the IT department. This one is a skilled job, you can go freelance while doing it.

     If you fit the job description, this fresh challenge is absolutely what you need. Put together your CV and apply  for a job. The vacancies must be filledin a fast mode. Therefore a deadline is May 21st.

   Additionally, there is a possibility to hear a comment  on working conditons in our company.

Word Families and Word Formation

Every time I was in 24-th auditorium I could hardly describe my feelings. I felt my blood pressure elevated, vertigo and I suspect, it was visible, because of biology rules, I have red cheeks when I nervous too much. No, nobody offended me or let alone bit me. I just had Latin lessons there. Frankly speaking, I had kind of latin-phobia and always look forward for its finish. One day, entering the room I understood there was only one vacant place right in front of him. Fortunately, he didn’t come that day. Every time we had an eye contact I had a psychological scar. However, was he so scary, actually? That's ​quite a poser. Because I should give him a credit for brevity and underestimating us. It only motivated to do your best. But we subconsciously prone to not to be overfond of those who demand us to be serious and superdiligent, eventually better.
  Today, so many students thinking about vocabulary. Do we need to write down new words in our vocabulary? Many experts recommend us to make own vocabulary, if we want to improve our English in general. I would like to tell you about two ways of making vocabulary.
  First method, you should use a poster. Write down new words on a poster with translation on your native language and put it on a room where you spend a lot of your time, and where you can see it everyday and everytime. So, if you do this, you will see this words everytime and you will repeat and remember it.
  Second method, you should write a new words in the following way:
A word in foreign language;
Synonyms or antonyms;
Example sentences;
Translation of unknown words in your native language.

  As for me, the best method is the second, it is really helpfull and usefull. Check up my vocabulary on the pictures below.
Appearance, Character, Relationship
- Things are not going so well. I admire my fiancée, but we don’t see eye to eye and get on well with each other. I thought the world about her, and now everything is drifting apart.
- Splitting up is not a solution when you are desperately in love with somebody. I remember when I first saw your mom. I threw a party, and in full swing a friend of mine brought her. It was love from first sight. I fancied your mom a lot, her curly blond hair and slender waist; we became close friends, got married and settled down. And still nothing could come between us. Do you have the same feelings?
- I don’t know. I made a commitment to her and she accepted my proposal. But now I’m not so sure.
- Take your time and don’t make snap decisions. I know you have a heart of gold and can put up with anything.
- But there is one more thing… She cheated on me. I tried to put myself in her shoes, but could understand her attitude.

- That changes everything! Don’t swallow your pride. Simply break up!
A distinguished scholar Sugata Mirta developed a new method of learning called “school in the cloud”. Firstly, he set computers as “holes in the wall” for children who can’t afford to pay for their education in India. He proved that not only gifted children could be quick learners. Sugata Mirta also introduced “a method of grandmother”: learning through practice with a help of brainstorming. Teachers should only provide students with self-organized learning environment and step back to give them a room for improvement. 
A leading authority in the field of education Ken Robinson emphasized on 3 principles of flourishing:
1.   Humans are different. Standards of education should be changed so that students will pay attention not only to core subjects.
2.   Curiosity. Initially people have a thirst for knowledge. It’s a foregone conclusion that teaching is not a delivery system, it’s about acquiring knowledge.
3.   Creativity. It’s common knowledge that education is not mechanical, but human system. Its task is to awaken and develop powers of creativity.

I take the view that all children have a natural talent for something. Therefore we should develop their mental agility so that they can meet school requirements. Some students plays truant because compulsory subjects are too boring and not as easy as ABC. Only by encouragement we can make them hit the books.